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The CTBN features and application areas


The CTBN features and application areas


CTBN Epoxy Used for High-Performance Coatings and Adhesives


CTBN (Carboxyl-Terminated Butadiene Nitrile) is a versatile polymer that has found widespread use in the formulation of high-performance epoxy coatings and adhesives.

This unique material offers a range of beneficial properties, making it an ideal choice for applications that require exceptional durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

When combined with epoxy resins, CTBN enhances the overall performance of the resulting formulations, making them suitable for a variety of demanding industrial and

commercial applications.


One of the key advantages of using CTBN (Carboxy-terminated nitrile butadiene rubber) epoxy is its ability to improve the toughness and impact resistance of coatings and

adhesives. The incorporation of CTBN into epoxy formulations can significantly enhance their ability to withstand mechanical stress, making them suitable for use in environments where abrasion and impact are common. This makes CTBN epoxy an excellent choice for protective coatings used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and marine,

where durability and resilience are essential.


Furthermore, CTBN rubber offers excellent flexibility, which is crucial for applications that involve substrate movement or thermal cycling. The inherent flexibility of

CTBN-modified epoxy coatings and adhesives allows them to maintain their integrity and adhesion even when subjected to varying temperatures and mechanical stresses.

This makes them well-suited for use in applications where traditional rigid coatings or adhesives may fail, such as in construction, infrastructure, and electronic components.


In addition to its mechanical properties, CTBN polymer also provides outstanding chemical resistance. The presence of nitrile groups in the CTBN polymer imparts excellent

resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including solvents, fuels, and acids. This makes CTBN epoxy coatings and adhesives suitable for use in environments where exposure

to harsh chemicals is a concern, such as chemical processing plants, oil and gas facilities, and industrial manufacturing operations.


Moreover, CTBN formulations exhibit good adhesion to various substrates, including metals, plastics, and composites. This allows for the creation of strong and durable bonds between different materials, making CTBN chemical adhesives an excellent choice for structural bonding applications in industries such as construction, transportation,

and electronics.

The versatility of CTBN extends to its compatibility with a variety of curing agents and additives, allowing formulators to tailor the properties of the final coatings and adhesives

to meet specific performance requirements. This flexibility enables the development of custom-tailored solutions for a wide range of applications, from corrosion-resistant coatings

to impact-resistant adhesives.


In conclusion, CTBN offers a compelling combination of toughness, flexibility, chemical resistance, and adhesion, making it an excellent choice for high-performance coatings

and adhesives. Its ability to enhance the mechanical and chemical properties of epoxy formulations makes it a valuable tool for addressing the demanding requirements of

diverse industries. As research and development in polymer science continue to advance, CTBN epoxy is expected to play an increasingly important role in the development

of innovative and sustainable coating and adhesive solutions.


We offer CTBN with different versions as follow, the performance same as HUNSTMAN 1300X13 serious.







Carboxyl value(mmol/g)

0.45 - 0.55






Amber Viscous liquid , no visible impurities

Viscosity (27℃,Pa.S)






Acrylonitrile content,%






Moisture,wt% ≤






Volatile Content,% ≤






Molecular weight

3600 - 4200

3000 - 3600

3000 - 3600

2500 - 3000

2800 - 4000

* In addition:We can research and develop any new version of CTBN according to the special demand of our clients.

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