Desmodur RN Adhesive RN Contains 40% polyisocyanate and 60% ethyl acetate CAS 26426-9-15

Short Description:

Chemical Name: Adhesive RN

Trade Name: RN


polyisocyanate: 40% (30%)

ethyl acetate: 60% (70%)

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Product Description

Our RN, is designed as a curing agent/crosslinking agent for adhesive based on hydroxyl polyurethane, natural and synthetic rubbers. RN is aromatic NCO isocyanate, it’s colorless and low viscous. Owing to RN features good anti-yellowing, it is particularly suitable for light-color polyurethane adhesive demand. Because the solvent is ethyl acetate, RN can be used in those countries where the use of methylene chloride is restricted.

Product Features

The film of adhesive and coating film mixed by RN is anti-yellowing after exposing to UV light and/or heat. RN shows good bonding strength in PVC with higher plasticizer, SBR with higher oil content, top layer of leather, silk and so on. RN can be combined with polyester polyol and other hydroxyl-containing components to make a two-component polyurethane varnish or color paint. It has the characteristics of fast-drying and anti-yellowing. Its fast initial curing and sanding properties are its outstanding advantages for woodware.

Usage information

RN is a two-component adhesive. After adding a certain proportion of RN to the adhesive, the ready-to-use double-component adhesive should be applied within a period (pot life) which is determined not only by its content of rubber, but also by the other ingredients of the formulation (e.g. resins, antioxidants, solvents, and etc.). If the adhesive is not used within this period of time, it may become increasingly difficult to apply and its viscosity increases rapidly until irreversible gel time ultimately occurs. Thus, it’s no longer to be used.

Recommend Dosage:

For curing adhesive of 100 parts by weight (p.b.w.) based on:

Graft-Chloroprene rubber(rubber content approx. 16%) 3-5% p.b.w. RN
Chloroprene rubber(rubber content approx. 20%) 5-7% p.b.w. RN
Hydroxyl polyurethane(polyurethane content approx. 15%) 3-5% p.b.w. RN 

Packing & Storage


Type 1. 800g/bottle, 20 bottles in one carton, 24 or 30 cartons in one pallet;

Type 2. 20kg/drum, 18 drums or 27 drums in one pallet;

Type 3. 55kg/drum, 8 or 12 drums in one pallet;

Type 4. 180kg/drum, 4 drums in one pallet


Please stored in the original sealed jar 5℃-32℃, the products can be preserved stable for 12 moths.

All our series products are very sensitive to the moisture; It will produce carbon dioxide and insoluble urea in the reaction with water. If exposure to the air or/and light, it will speed up color changes of products.

(But the practical function will bot be affected.)


Dangerous nature, highly inflammable, stimulate to eyes, if inhaled can cause allergies. Frequent touch may result in skin dry out or craze. Steam of products can make the person fatigue and vertigo.


Chemical composition
Contains 40% polyisocyanate and 60% ethyl acetate
or 30% polyisocyanate and 70% ethyl acetate
Assay of NCO
6.5 ± 0.2%
ethyl acetate
Appearance:Almost colorless to light-color clear liquid
* In addition:The company could research and develop the new products according to the special demand of our clients.

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