Best price Desmodur RE / Isocyanate RE for adhesives CAS 2422-91-5

Short Description:

Chemical Name: Triphenylmethane -4,4`,4“-triisocyanate

Trade Name: Adhesive RE, Desmodur RE; Methylidintri-p-phenylene triisocyanate

CAS 2422-91-5


Triphenylmethane -4,4`,4“-triisocyanate: 27%

Ethylacetate: 72.5%


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Product Description

Our RE is a highly active cross-linking agent, Used in the adhesives made by hydroxyl polyurethane, natural or synthetic rubber, it has excellent bonding strength in rubber and cab be used in resin, antioxidant, plasticizing agent, pressure-sensitive etc. It can be used as crosslinker instead of BAYER’s Desmodur RE.

Product details:

Chemical Name : Triphenylmethane-4,4',4''-triisocyanate

Molecular Formula: C22H13N3O3

CAS: 2422-91-5

M.W: 367.36

Character: manufacturer

Structure formula: HC[ NCO]3

Density: 1.0g/c m3, 20℃

Melting point: 89℃

Product properties & Features

Our RE, also called TTI, is a solution which contains 27.5% triphenylmethane-4,4ˊ,4〞-triisocyanate and 72.5% ethyl acetate. It’s an universal curing agent/crosslinker for adhesive based on hydroxyl polyurethane, natural and synthetic rubbers, especially great for bonding rubber materials. It’s also widely used for bonding metals with rubber. Furthermore, RE can be applied on resin, antioxidant, plasticizer, etc. In adhesive field, RE is applied as the crosslinking agent on neoprene adhesive and/or p hydroxyl polyurethane adhesive in footwear areas. Generally, for curing adhesive of 100 parts by weight (pbw) based on the recommend amount of 4-7 pbw RE. The pot life of mixed adhesive is around hours.


Two-component adhesive must be used within the applicaable period after putting in RE. The length of applicable period is not only related to the polymer content of adhesive, but also other relevant components(like resin, antioxygen, plasticizer, solvent,etc. When close to the applicable period, usually a few hours or one working day, adhesive becomes more difficult to operate, and viscosity rises soon. Finally, It becomes the irreversible jelly. 100 quality adhesive, Hydroxyl polyurethane (Polyurethane account for around 20%), RE dose 4-7. Chloroprene rubber (Rubber account for around 20%), Our RE does 4-7.

Packing & Storage


750g/bottle, 20 bottles in one carton, 24 or 30 cartons in one pallet;

20kg/drum, 18 drums or 27 drums in one pallet;

55kg/drum, 8 or 12 drums in one pallet;

180kg/drum, 4 drums in one pallet


Please stored in the original sealed jar under 23℃, the products can be preserved stable for 12 months. It very sensitive to the mosture; it will be produce carbon dioxide and insoluble urea in the reaction with water. If exposure to teh air or light, it will speed up color changes, but the practical function will not be affected.

Transport Information

United Nations number / UN No.: 1992

United Nations Transport name: Flammable liquid, Toxic, N.O.S.

Transport risk level: 3 + 6.1

Packaging category: II

Environmental hazard: no

HS CODE: 2929109000


Assay of NCO
Assay of methane
Viscosity ( 20℃)
3 mPa.s
Ethyl acetate
Appearance:Yellow green or red brown to dark violet liquid. Its color does not affect the boding strength.
* In addition:The company could research and develop the new products according to the special demand of our clients.

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