Good price Light Stabilizer LS 770 CAS 52829-07-9

Short Description:

Chemical Name : Light Stabilizer LS 770

Synonyms : Bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl)sebacate

CAS: 52829-07-9

Molecular formula: C28H52N2O4

Molecular weight: 480.73

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UV-770 is a kind of hindered amine light stabilizer, when add a small quantity in plastic products has a good light stability on plastic molding.

It can play a greater resistance to ultraviolet light if mixed with other UV absorber when used in polymer.

This product is suitable for PP, PE, PS, ABS resin, polyester and PU, etc.


Keep container tightly closed. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.

20kgs/50kgs Net/Carton inner with PE bag or as customer's requirements


White powder or granule
Assasy, %
≥ 99
Melting Point(℃)
81.00℃ ~ 86.50℃
Volatiles (%):
≤ 0.50
Ash (%):
Transmittance(%): 425nm
≥ 97.00
Transmittance(%): 500nm
≥ 98.00
* In addition:The company could research and develop the new products according to the special demand of our clients.


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