high quality Di(octyl/decyl)dimethyl ammonium chloride D8021 CAS 68424-95-3

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high quality Di(octyl/decyl)dimethyl ammonium chloride D8021 CAS 68424-95-3

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Chemical Di(octyl/decyl)dimethyl ammonium chloride

CAS NO.: 68424-95-3

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Main Applications:
D8021 has sterilization, mildew proof, corrosion inhibition effect, widely used in
industrial water treatment, animal husbandry sterilization, swimming pool sterilization industry;

D8021 has excellent softening effect and can be used as fiber softener, carding assistant, etc.

D8021 has good emulsification.

D8021 can also be used as an antistatic agent.

D8021 can be used as a fungicide softener in the personal care industry.
Dioctyl/decyl dimethylammonium chloride (D8021) is more water-soluble than
didecyl dimethylammonium chloride due to its special carbon chain structure,
and is more suitable for some special fungicide systems.

Package: 175kg/drum

Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture.


Light yellow liquid
50%, 80%
Free amine
≤ 2%
6.5 ~ 9.0
* In addition:The company could research and develop the new products according to the special demand of our clients.


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