100% pure Essential Oil chili oil/ capsicol with high Capsaicine

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100% pure Essential Oil

chili oil/ Papper oil



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Chemical Name : chili oil/ capsicol

 Chili oil is extract from the steam distillation of chili.The result is a semi viscous dark red essential oil known as chili seed oil.It has wonderful therapeutic properties including the ability to stimulate blood circulation making it especially beneficial for healing wounds and aiding in hair growth by delivering
vital nutrients to the scalp.


Promote blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of the body, accelerate the burning and decomposition of fat, inhibit the absorption of fat cells, improve the obesity constitution, make weight loss a success.

It contains natural plant ingredients to make the skin rosy, tender, white, smooth and elastic. It can warm the skin, relax the cold, strengthen the stomach and digest food, treat frostbite, rheumatism and psoas myalgia externally, and seed oil can be eaten.It is also used to make topical ointment

Psychic healing: prone to anger, not suitable for use

Physical curative effect: prevent chi guan inflammation, improve digestion, very effective to muscle ache.

Skin efficacy: regulate skin secretion, fade spots, eliminate acne, adjust skin oil secretion.

Applicable crowd: the person that whole body reduces weight, partial reduce weight, thin body model person can


100% pure & nature
1 - 10 degree



Package : we can do the OEM/Customized packing ,the bottles are amber glass .

such as 10ml/15ml/20ml/30ml/50ml/100ml/500ml/1000ml.
we can do private label and customized gift box .
Our Bulk package : 1 kg Aluminum skin barrel; 25kg Cardboard with plastic bag in it/ 25kg/50kg/180kg Galvanized iron drum 

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