medical intermediates Sodium taurocholate powder cas 145-42-6 with good price

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medical intermediates Sodium taurocholate powder cas 145-42-6 with good price

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Chemical name: Sodium taurocholate

CAS No.: 145-42-6

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Sodium Taurocholate is the floorboard of the kind of ursodeoxycholic acid in the bile, as the white powder,odourless, taste bitter, alkali metal salt is soluble in water and alcohol.
Natural bile acid peptide bond is often used to combine with glycine and taurine and combined with sodium and potassium ions into the bile salt exists in bile. Sodium Taurocholate (Sodium cholate) is a product of bile acid combined with Sodium ions, is a kind of anion, the degeneration of detergent and surface active agent,often used for membrane receptor protein research and other plasma membrane protein extraction, promote the dissolution of membrane protein and maintain its natural state. Also used for liposome preparation, lipid compounds separation, cell lysis and to prevent nonspecific combination of affinity chromatography. Is a kind of additive in cell cultures.

Biochemical research; lipase accelerator; anion remover for protein solubilization; preparation of bacterial culture medium(intestinal bacterial culture and isolation); for solubilization of unconjugated bilirubin; non-sulfated bile salt, The bile salt outputs the same type of Pgp (BSEP/spgp), Na+/taurocholic acid cotransporter (NTCP), and the physiological transport matrix of MRP3 into the liver microtubules.

1. Lipase accelerator.
2. Anion removal agent,
3. For the dissolution of proteins.
4. Preparation of bacterial culture medium (intestinal bacteria culture and isolation).
5. Used to dissolve non conjugated bilirubin.

1kg/bag, 10kg/15kg/20kg/carton


Industrial grade
White crystalline powder
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