pharmaceutic grade natural and pure Borneol / D-borneol 96%

Short Description:

Product Name: Natural Borneol

Plant Part: Natural borneol leaves

ExtractionMethod:Steam distillation

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Product Description

Product Name: Natural Borneol

Plant Part: Natural borneol leaves

Extraction Method:Steam distillation

1. High quality natural borneol flakes, pure borneol camphor extract crystals .

2. The content of main ingredient D-borneol is 96%.

3. It is widely applicated in, cosmetics and food industry.

4. We are highly specialized manufacturer and supplier in the industry;

5. We manufacture various type of natural and synthetic essential oil.

Performance & Application

Borneol is a white to off-white crystal or translucent mass.One form has the scent of pine and the taste of mint.It has a moderate solubility in water.Borneol is found naturally in more than 260 plants and is also found in citrus peel oil, nutmeg, ginger, and spices like thyme.

1. It is used to close the dizziness.
2. For sore eyes, sore throat and mouth pain.
3. It is used for sores, swelling and pain, without restraint after ulceration.
In addition, this article uses treat coronary heart disease angina pectoris and toothache, have certain curative effect.



Items Standards
Characters White flaky crystal, with cool camphor smell
Melting point 204—209℃
Specific rotation +34°~+38°
Identify (1) It should be a positive reaction
(2) It should meet the requirements
Test PH value should meet the requirements
Not volatile Residual residue ≤ 3.5mg
Heavy metals ≤ 0.000005
Arsenic salts ≤ 0.000002
Determination of content Containing Borneol (C10H18O)) 96%min



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