Ammonium Perchlorate(AP) CAS 7790-98-9

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Executive standard: GJB617A-2003

CAS No. 7790-98-9

English name: Ammonium Perchlorate

English abbreviation: AP

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Product Description

English name: Ammonium Perchlorate
CAS RN:7790-98-9
1. Product Profile
Ammonium perchlorate (AP) is white crystal, soluble in water and hygroscopic. It is a kind of strong oxidizers. When AP is mixed with reducing agent, organics, inflammable materials, such as, sulfur, phosphorus or metal powder, the mixture can caused the risk of burning or explosion. When it is contacted with strong acid, the mixture can also have the risk of explosion.

1.1molecular weight: 117.49

1.2 molecular formula:NH4ClO4


Item Index
Type A Type B Type C Type D
Appearance White, spherical or non-spherical crystalline particles, no visible impurities
AP content (In NH4ClO4), % ≥99.5
Chloridate content (In NaCl), % ≤0.1
Chlorate content (In NaClO3), % ≤0.02
Bromate content (In NaBrO3), % ≤0.004
Chromate content (In K2CrO4), % ≤0.015
Fe content (In Fe), % ≤0.001
Water Insoluble Matter, % ≤0.02
Sulfated ash content, % ≤0.25
pH 4.3-5.8
Thermostability (177±2℃), h ≥3
Sodium lauryl sulfate, % ≤0.020
Total water, % ≤0.05
Surface water, % ≤0.06
Fragility(Type I) ≤1.5% ≤1.5% ≤1.5%
Fragility(Type II) ≤7.5% ≤7.5% ≤7.5%
Fragility(Type III) ≤2.6% ≤2.6% ≤2.6%
Aperture , µm Index
Type Ⅰ Type Ⅱ Type III
450 0~3
355 35~50 0~3
280 85~100 15~30
224 65~80  
180 90~100 0~6
140 20~45
112 74~84
90 85~100
Grade C: Particle size index
Categories TypeⅠ TypeⅡ Type III
Weight mean diameter, µm 330~340 240~250 130~140
Batch standard deviation, µm ≤3
Grade D: Particle size index
Aperture, µm Screening content,%
TypeⅠ TypeⅡ Type III
450~280 >55
280~180 >55
140~112 >55


Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) has been used as an oxidizer for rocket propellant and mixed explosive. It can also be used in fireworks, hail prevention agent, oxidizer, analytic agent, etching agent, etc. It can also be used to produce other borohydrides, reducer, drifting agent for wood and paper, foaming agent for plastics, boranes, etc. In addition, AP is used in measurement of phosphor content and medicines.

Storage & Packing

Package: Iron barrel packaging with inner plastic bag. After removing the air in the bag, the mouth of the bag should be tightened.

Storage: Stored at cool, dry and ventilate place. Forbid to heat and sun-baked.

Shelf life: 60 months. It is still available if the retest results of the properties are qualified after expired date. Keep away from inflammable and explosive goods. Do not store together with reducing agent, organic, combustible goods.

Transportation: Avoid rain, sun-baked. No violent collision.

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