ATBN Amino-terminated liquid nitrile butadiene rubber(ATBN)

Short Description:

Chemical Name: Amino-terminated liquid nitrile butadiene rubber

Synonyms: ATBN

Note: We can research and develop any new version of ATBN according to the special demand of our clients.

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Product Description

ATBN is a liquid nitrile rubber with amino functional groups at both ends of the molecular chain, which can be cured with isocyanate curing agents or react with epoxy groups for curing.

ATBN has good oil resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance and strong adhesion. It can reduce the gel temperature and curing temperature of epoxy resin when toughening epoxy resin.


The ATBN mainly used as a toughening agent for epoxy resin, it can enhance the toughness of composite materials, improve shear strength and peel strength, and can also be used as a separate adhesive and sealant.

Packing & Storage

Packed in 50kg/drum, 170kg/drum, The storage period is 1 year.

Safety instructions:

Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate. The best condition is among -20 ~ 38℃. Shelf life of 12 months, if expire, still used if up to standard through retest. When transportation should avoid rain, sunlight. Don’t mix with strong oxidizer.





Amine value,wt% 

0.8 - 1.2

0.8 - 1.2

Viscosity (40℃,Pa.S)



Moisture,% ≤



Acrylonitrile content, %

10 - 20

22 - 28

Molecular weight

2000 - 3000

2000 - 3000

* In addition:We can research and develop any new version of HTBN according to the special demand of our clients.

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