High quality Tetramethylxylylene diisocyanate TMXDI (META) cas 2778-42-9

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Chemical Name: 1,3-Bis(1-isocyanato-1-methyl-ethyl)benzol

Synonyms: TMXDI; Tetramethylxylylene diisocyanate TMXDI (META)


CAS: 2778-42-9

Molecular formula: C14H16N2O2

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TMXDI (META) is aliphatic isocyanate monomer contains two tertiary aliphatic diisocyanate groups. This functionality provides unique properties as compared to primary and secondary isocyanate containing monomers.

TMXDI monomer is used to prepare solvent-free polyurethane dispersions. These dispersions can be designed to provide adhesion, flexibility, and toughness to light-stable, waterborne adhesives, coatings, and inks.


1. Solvent-free polyurethane dispersions

2. Waterborne automotive OEM basecoat

3. Waterborne automotive refinish basecoat

4. Waterborne coatings for plastics and wood

5. Waterborne primer coat for leather

6. Heat activated adhesives

7. Laminating adhesives

8. Waterborne inks

9. curing agent as HTPB propellant

Packing & Stroage


TMXDI (META) aliphatic isocyanate is sensitive to moisture and should be kept in tightly-closed original containers to prevent contamination with moisture and air. If partially filled containers are stored, it is advisable to blanket the liquid surface with dry nitrogen before sealing.


Item Value
Apperance colorless liquid
Molecular Mass 244.3
NCO content (% by weight) 34.4
Boiling Point (°C, 50 mmHg) 150
Flash Point (°C)  153
Specific Gravity at 25°C 1.07

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